We are both closely connected to the Zug region through our families. Our interest in history and culture brought us both, independently of each other, into the Zug city guide team, where we have regularly led classic city tours since 1987. When Georges was in Stockholm with his wife in 2017, he called me enthusiastically. "Hey, we joined a food tour. That was fun!" This was the day the spark flew. Soon we sat down together and started making plans for our own, different tour of Zug. But it wasn't as easy as we had imagined. It was a lot of coordination and detail work. Thanks to the commitment of many local suppliers, we were finally able to take the first tour to the put your feet up. Since April 2018 we have been discovering with our guests on Zuger Gaumenspass (local food tour) the local culinary delights. Since this year the Zuger Gwundertour (discovery tour)  has been added. Once again, the concept is a mix of local trade and pleasurably prepared history. We are looking forward to the guests. Not seldomly faces of the local food tour, who are now also enthusiastic about the new tour. Our flair for culinary delights and interesting facts will continue to inspire us for further journeys of discovery through Zug in the future. We ourselves are curious to see where this journey will take us.