What Zug has to offer.  Even the old gods shine there.  Discover with us new and exciting things with many local hosts.  The entertaining tour takes us to 5 - 7 stations where we canexperience exiting news

So much astonishment awakens our longing for the tranquil and the tickling of the palate.

Let us surprise you what our partners have  in store for you. Creatively mixed, tingling,

sweet and spicy.....


A promise for unusual taste explosions. Even the magnificent shop, decorated with loving care, is a feast for our eyes....but when chocolate melts on our tongue.....!!

AHAAAAAHHHH....  Sparkling in the oldest goldsmith house in the world. Franz Lohri and Team welcomes as in the LOHRI-HOUSE. Even Emperess Sissi and Salvador Dalì will celebrate their appearence.

not every olive oil is the same.the geen gold dresses its selfin countless variations.When tasting at the store "VOM FASS" we experience the noble liquid.

"STYLE OF ZUG" is home of the exclusivity and Zug Design. Heat beating will coming upwhen Samuel Naldi allows us to take a look at the rarest writing instruments in the world. The revival of handwriting is palpable here. We experience how precious the moment becomes with the right stylo in hand. For every budget and every taste.

In a cozy courtyard "IM HOF" southern temperament with tagliata and fiery red wine awaits us.

And for the final, too, there is still a long way to go before in the beer tasting with local Zug beers.