Business concept ZUG on TOUR (KLG)


The purpose of the company ZUG on TOUR (KLG) (hereinafter referred to as "ZUG on TOUR") is the organisation and/or implementation of cultural, culinary and commercial guided tours, mainly in the Canton of Zug, as well as the general provision of travel planning and tour guide services in the form of travel assistance and presentations.




1. Booking




1.1 Free booking tours


Bookings for free booking tours (advertised tours on the Zug Tourism website offered by ZUG on TOUR) are made via the Zug Tourism booking platform.  This platform is used to confirm bookings, make cancellations and enter the guest list with contact details.


On the evening before the tour, a decision will be made as to whether the tour can take place, based on the minimum number of participants required.  If the tour is cancelled, Zug Tourism will inform the guests.  ZUG on TOUR accepts no liability for incorrect booking or information procedures on the part of Zug Tourism.


The above-mentioned public guided tours also include guided tours which are cancelled due to participant books all places, receives an exclusive status.  This applies to guided tours on published dates or special dates.




Payment for tickets is made directly to the guide at the event.


Cash, card (Mastercard, Visa, Meistro) or Twint.


In exceptional cases an invoice can be agreed upon.






1.2 Tailor-made guided tours / Events




ZUG on TOUR offers individualised tours for closed groups on request or individuals. These tours differ from public tours in at least one content or organizational criterion.  Events of this kind are handled directly by ZUG on TOUR, unless a separate agreement is made with Zug Tourism or another booking platform.


Payment for tickets is made directly to the guide at the event.


Cash, card (Mastercard, Visa, Meistro) or Twint or cash in advance / invoice by arrangement




 2. Exclusion of liability



2.1 Participation in guided tours and events




Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.  ZUG on TOUR accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury that occurs during the tour or is attributable to their participation.  This also applies to consequential damages in connection with the transmission of illness of any kind.


At the beginning of the tour, the guide reminds the participants of their own responsibility (participation at their own risk, traffic, hygiene regulations).


ZUG on Tour accepts no liability for damage that occurs to or is the result of a visit to a third-party service provider (shop, restaurant, etc.).


If a participant books several tickets for an event, he/she undertakes to inform the other participants about these valid GTC.






2.2 Procurement of third party service providers




Insofar as ZUG on TOUR places customers with third parties, the contract is concluded between the customer and the third party.  ZUG on TOUR is not part of this agreement and declines all liability for damages in connection with the third party service provider.






2.3 Thematic content, access to websites




ZUG on TOUR carefully researches the contents of the website.  However, no guarantee can be given for the completeness and correctness of the information.




Access to the website and the e-mail address of ZUG on TOUR is at the customer's own risk.


No liability can be accepted for the proper functioning of the website, the e-mail address or any linked providers.




3. Cancellation Conditions




Bookings are binding.  The following cancellation conditions apply in the event that the guided tour can be carried out due to the number of persons registered.








3.1.2 Free booking tours
 Cancellation of participation




Until 7 days before the tour


(e.g. at a Thursday guided tour:


Previous Thursday 24.00 hours)




free of charge




From 6 days before the tour:


50% of the costs




From 3 days before the tour:


70% of the cost




No Show / No Show


100% of the costs 


If a ticket is rebooked to another date by the purchaser, the cancellation provisions remain in force.  If the cancelled seats can still be allocated, the cancellation fee is waived.


Private guided tours/ special tours

Cancelling the whole tour:


Until 20 days before the tour:


Free of charge with the following exception: 

The organisation fee is payable from

time of the binding booking regardless of the cancellation date.


From 10 days before the tour:


50% of the costs


From 3 days before the tour:


70% of the cost

Not Show / No Show

100% of the costs

Cancelling single participants of a group event:

Cancellation fee of CHF 50% of price per person until 12.00 noon on the day of the tour,

after this time 100% of the price per person.



Zug, February 2024